Waterjet supports universities

Waterjet and its licensing and distribution partners of self-developed cutting systems are active research sponsors. Universities and colleges require the most modern waterjet machining in the study of systematics and the further development in the micro sector. Without these their research would be worthless to some extent.

To this end the Waterjet machines are available throughout Europe. There is a C4 available at ETH in Zurich, a type which is only half as large as the popular F4. The C4 is optimized for application-specific work and in research and laboratory field and achieves excellent values. It works with a possible manufacturing tolerance of 10 μm and a cut surface roughness of up to N6.

The other sites are: Hannover, Karlsruhe, Nottingham and Moscow (there is an F4 available here). Waterjet provides these machines to all universities free of charge and thereby supports research.

Handover of machining centre Microwaterjet F4 in Nottingham >>

F4 Microwaterjet machining centre as the one at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich

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