Saving electricity thanks to new pump technology

Energy is a massive cost factor in the waterjet cutting: the plants operate at pressures of up to 6000 bar - and up to 10,000 bar in the laboratory. Because of the high-energy consumption we are currently working at Waterjet to develop a sequential pump control with plunger pumps.

Their great advantage lies in their efficiency of over 90 percent compared to 65 percent of a pressure booster. Thus, we can use the energy needed only during the cutting operation. The high pressure pump therefore consumes only the energy actually required for the cutting application. In the intermediate phase only so much energy is needed as to keep the pump operating at rotational speed.

We invest the saved energy costs in the development of new processes and in our employees. Thus, Waterjet protects the environment and promotes development.

Waterjet saves electricty through a newly developped a sequential pump control.

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