Internal Merger

As of July 1st the companies WS-TECH AG and
Microwaterjet AG will be merged into Waterjet AG.

Remains unchanged: Your contacts including their telephone numbers remain the same. Moreover, we will continue to work with the brand microwaterjet®.

Will change: We will operate with only two addresses
(for correspondence) and one bank.

Site Aarwangen
Waterjet AG
Mittelstrasse 8
4912 Aarwangen

Site St.Gallen
Waterjet AG
Industriestrasse 15
9015 St.Gallen

Bank: Make your payments in any case only via this bank

Credit Suisse
4900 Langenthal
CHF: IBAN: CH78 0483 5035 3894 4100 0
EURO: IBAN: CH17 0483 5035 3894 4200 1

Waterjet Logo der Wasserstrahlspezialisten für Makrowasserstrahlschneiden und Mikrowasserstrahlschneiden

WATERjet, microwaterjet, AWJmm, AWJD, AWJM, AWJC and WOMAJET are registered trademarks of micromachining AG, 4912 Aarwangen, Switzerland